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Suzanne Loechl

Suzanna Loechl

Suzanne Loechl


The earth beats and hums with zillions of tiny (or not so tiny) systems that are perfectly calibrated to maintain the balance of life. What we actually see is temporary, but the unseen is where the magic lies. Landscapes are like memories­– layers upon layers of history are recorded in one person’s psyche or one plot of land. Not just human memories, but those of all the plants and animals with whom we share this planet. Like people, the landscape reinvents itself. It heals when it’s wounded, but sometimes it scars for life. Elements of the whole are nurtured or rubbed away. I draw inspiration from the land around me. My work is an ongoing exploration, which endeavors to portray the natural world and those who live in it (or on it) as strangely beautiful — yet enormously fragile.


Suzanne Keith Loechl was born in England and moved to the United States as a young child. Growing up she had opportunity to experience many places including the English countryside, New York, Washington DC, London and Central Illinois. This unique multicultural upbringing is a source of inspiration for Suzanne.  She is particularly drawn to cultural patterns and human behavior in a variety of settings. She explores the natural and human made landscape, at times depicting it laced with organic and spiritual patterning. In the pursuit of helping create a more peaceful world of coexistence, Suzanne was recently ordained as a interfaith minister through a seminary in NYC. Her studies of Eastern and Western religions and indigenous faiths are infusing her work. Suzanne holds an undergraduate (with a minor in art) and master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the Virginia Tech and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign respectively. She lives Champaign, Illinois with her husband and two children.