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Rachel Wooley

Rachel Wooley
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Rachel Wooley

I am a watercolor artist living and working in Champaign, Illinois. I grew up in Michigan and lived in Baltimore for a few years; along the way, I’ve taken classes in drawing, watercolor, graphic design, photography, book binding, and scene painting. My background is in creative writing and theatre studies, but it’s been watercolor that’s captured me enough to keep learning more (albeit after a very long hiatus).


I don’t really have a plan for my art, just an inclination to follow what inspires me. I love bright colors and natural/floral elements. I love painting spaces that invite you in to imagine what’s around a corner, down an alley, or through a doorway. I also have a fascination with abandoned places, and imagining what they once were (or could be again). My other interests and hobbies appear a lot in my work too, including travel themes and ballet.