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Phil Strang

Phil Strang Artist
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Phil Strang

Phil has been painting since junior high school in New York, but only in the past thirteen years has he developed a practice of painting on glass. From 2008-2015 he did mostly portraits of Second Life avatars and some of real life characters and in the summer of 2014, he started experimenting with various types of splatter painting as two eye operations have made detailed work much harder. He has lived in Champaign-Urbana for the past 50 years and loves the flat peacefulness and constant change of the midwest. He is most grateful for his two great kids and his wonderful girlfriend, Mary.

Besides painting, Phil has also played in bands doing original music, performed in over 50 theatrical productions, written dozens of reviews and articles about music, art and theatre and managed a music store for over 30 years before the crash of the music industry. He then managed two theatres and an auditorium for the University of Illinois and paints whenever he has free time. He is so happy he retired in December 2016.