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Keenan Dailey

Keenan Dailey

Keenan Dailey


Keenan Dailey is a multidisciplinary artist from Peoria IL. Currently living and operating in Champaign, IL, Dailey is an MFA in Graphic Design candidate at the University of Illinois. Dailey is researching the ways in which new media, virtuality, and escapism influences and impacts emotion.

Artist Statement

My works are afrofuturist and reside in the realm of speculative design, looking at what is in order to manifest what is possible. I place African Americans in the context of alternative afrodiasporic royalty and divination.My primary focus is those Black Americans who’ve been marginalized and traumatized and caged in disparate realities such as the ghettos and correctional facilities.Coming from a low income neighborhood myself my art shaped itself in a way to both serve as a reflection of my internal and external trauma as well as a humanistic and metaphysical hope that seeks out the impossible to bring it forth to the optional.