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Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell

My Creative Painting Process:

Image development:
Usually it’s a “Good Lord Look at That” moment, and I record it in some way. Sketching image I have in my mind repeatedly, mental filters are applied. Planning the painting, using Image apps, paint system color charts, Medium usage guidelines.

Realification of image:
Prep board of canvas with alternating gel and gesso layers, and sanding. Drawing the image on the board with Chalks, and fixing them with clear acrylic myst. Masking, then painting in the background. Alternating from thick gel to thin, and sanding between layers. Take off mask. Painting a reflective coating layered with gel to bring up foreground brightness Painting thin to thick transparent glazes, and sanding down, or applying leveling gel between layers. Level the entire painting with leveling gel, then apply highlights, and more leveling gel. Final transparent protective glaze.


As an artist I have been trained, and have a natural tendency to not edit out my surroundings.
If it’s there, I see it ‑- and let me tell ya there are a lot of things people just don’t see. Power lines are a big one, road noise, the overuse of rude night lighting, and that Christmas sock that has left up in the living room for over 9 months. The sciencey sounding word forthis is scatoma and I believe that the engineering profession is full of personnel that demonstrate what a severe scatoma is. Engineering is responsible for nearly all of the material objects in our culture. And if that isn’t bad enough, general contractors design what’s left. Our culture needs input from the artistic class. And as I see it the engineering class is not going to ask input, or this ugly society of ours would not have developed. We have to push and take crucial quality of life issues away from those who don’t care, or are aesthetically impaired.

We have to get out there and do what is right.