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Rogards Dowtown Gallery – Miscellany

Miscellany (noun) a group or collection of different items; a mixture. Visit downtown Champaign during the 2019 Boneyard Arts Festival where 11 artists will take over the former Rogard’s Building! Explore the space to view a collection by Champaign-Urbana’s top artists! Artists: Gregory Stallmeyer Skot Wiedmann Crystal Hartman K. E. Gilmore EKAH Gary Keeler Michael Darin Barry Abrams Jeremy Herrera

Rogards Downtown Gallery, HER Fine Art Exhibit

HER Fine Art Exhibit The HER Fine Art Exhibit is a curated exhibition that will tell the story of her.  Each contributing female artist brings their work as an individual creator but when combined as a collaborative event the diverse images will speak of love and loss, perseverance and pain, strength and loneliness. Featuring Joan Jach, Mandy Danowitz, Anna Longworth,


I am a visual artist known as EKAH, also known as Steampunk Grub. I create worlds and characters to tell visual stories. The worlds may be surreal, absurd, and nonsensical, and even beautiful. They may be as big as the universe or as small as a petri dish. I work with brushes, pens, pencils, pixels, 3D polygons, and motion. The